This was going to be an EPIC blog post.  Planned it on the stairmaster this morning.  All about female stereotypes concerning an “appealing” female form – a description of how I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s when the civil rights movement and  Roe v Wade were HAPPENING, not history and how that made me sensitive to hypocricy at an early age – about the current social pressure to conform to a sexy female form – about the backlash and discrimination the big female athletes experience – about the plethora of bikini diva’s (they are literally judged on ‘sex appeal’) getting the same commercial endorsements as the big male bodybuilders while the big women are ignored or insulted…I was going to be brilliant.  But no.  Sorry.  Changed my mind.

I was a little worked up about this when I got to the gym this morning.  Told the guys about an article I read about a four-time Ms. Olympia who purposely caused her body to burn off her muscle so she could compete in figure.  I told them I was annoyed so it made me serious and focused.  The response?   “We have a name for people who don’t like muscle.”  (I didn’t ask and they didn’t tell).   “We’re going to kill arms today.  Have you ever curled a towel?”

They just blew it off!  Don’t they realize that this ignorant, narrow view of femininity is so unfair??  I just smiled and started lifting.   It doesn’t matter.  Not this morning when we have arms to do.  What other people think/say/do cannot not matter to me.  What matters is what I need to do.  Today.  Right now.  This is one of the lessons I learned during the drama last fall.  I cannot allow myself to get negative if I can help it.  My post-menopausal body is very good at producing the stress hormone CORITSOL and cortisol eats muscle.  I have to stay focused and happy.  Period.  So unless someone is attacking a loved one or a friend with their speech, I’m going to let it go.

So “Prison Yard Friday” was the workout.  Or at least that’s what one guy who was not working out with us called it.  Started with the towel curls.  Shhhhhh…I’ll show them to you, but don’t tell anyone.  I’ve been sworn to secrecy about this exercise, because the boys think they invented it. Watch…


We used real weights for the rest of the workout.  Which was intense.  Then cardio.  Now, I’m dead.  Got home and made myself a nice, ‘big-arm’ breakfast.

I’m sure that someday I will want to write about the bigger issue.  It will be an EPIC blog post that will probably change everyone’s opinion because I’ll be freakin’ brilliant.  But not today.

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