Dear Me,

I know you are rested and well-fed now.  You are growing again.  Lovin’ life and making goals.  You feel confident.  But you know it’s coming.  There will be a time when you are tired.  There will be a time when you are hungry.  You might get sick.  You might get hurt.   You may just feel like you’re too small, too fat, too old…like you’re in way over your head.  You used to think this was just one of the hardest things you’ve ever done, but now I’m pretty sure it’s the hardest.  And most rewarding.  But be prepared!  There will be a time when all the parts of your life collide and conflict.  People will expect you to do…whatever…and it will be contrary to what you need to do to stay focused.


Nothing – absolutely nothing – will derail you again.  There may be bad days, but they are only days.  Just 24 hours.  If you can move, you can lift.  (OK, I give you permission to skip a cardio if necessary.  Boooo cardio.)  Be consistent with your posing practice.  Keep reading and researching.  If you are sick, you rest up,  eat more, and lift as heavy as you’re able to lift.  Period.  That’s all you got to do.  Sleep, Lift, Eat.

You’ve got plenty of support now.  Husband, friends, online friends…use them.  Let them put a hand on your back and hold you steady, or better yet, push you forward.  They all did that for you before – they will be there again.  Just ask.  Don’t be stubborn.

The goal is August 25, 2012 – don’t look like a fool on stage.  Don’t look “pretty good for a 50-year old chick”.  You will look just damn good.  Large, strong, cut.  Even next to the 20 & 30-somethings.  But that’s just the first show.  It’s not the only show.  Don’t get your undies in a bunch about it.  Remember, someday you want to pull a truck, too.  And maybe power lift.

If you lose your focus again, I’ll kick your ass.

With Love,

Stronger Me

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