Today’s date is cool.  1-2-12.  I like numbers.

2012 is off to an excellent start!  It’s “Weak Week” – first week back after a week long rest with no workouts.  No lifting and no cardio.  Nothing.  Nothing but eating and resting.

Jan 1, 2012

Yesterday was my first workout after a week of rest and it was interesting.  Not at full strength, got a little nauseous and dizzy.  But it felt goooood.   I expected a slow start, but I think the next couple of weeks will be awesome.  I finished my workout early so I got to spot Valerie with her heavy chest work before I had to work at the gym front desk at 10 am.  That was fun.  While helping, I remembered that a year ago when I was just learning how to lift,  I watched her workout and thought she was amazing.  I hoped we’d become friends over time.  I’m very grateful for that.  She’s very generous and I’m learning a lot from her.

My first posing practice session yesterday afternoon didn’t work out the way I hoped.  The aerobics room at the gym is supposed to be empty on Sunday afternoons.  Well, apparently some other members know that, too, and they came to practice couples dancing.  I’ll need to talk to them next Sunday to see if they will share the room.  I did practice in the locker room with a new member, Mary.  Mary is 60.  She has done one bodybuilding show when she was 40 and wants to get back into it.  I think that’s awesome.  The locker room is actually a pretty good place to practice because there is a spot that has mirrors on three sides.  And it’s not busy on Sunday afternoons, either.  Still would rather be in the aerobics room, I think.

Jan 2, 2012

Chest day!  I got up at my normal time and got to the gym before 4:45 am.  I didn’t know if the guys would be there or not, but I wanted to be there just in case.  They weren’t.  Lazy butts.  It’s all good.  I had a great chest workout on my own.  Borrowed an idea from Valerie and did incline and flat presses on the Smith Machine.  Weights were pretty good considering this is supposed to be weak week.  No decline bench easily available for that machine, so I did my dumbbell work all on decline.  Did dumbbell presses with alternating arms.  That was new.  I liked it.  It was a little unstable, which is a good thing.  Supersetted those presses with cable flys.  Finished on the decline Hammer Smith machine.  The whole workout was 90 minutes.  Not a lot of down time considering I was alone.  HUGE pump and tons of endorphins.  I was a very happy girl when I left.  Tired, too.

Not getting much done at home today.  Nice nap.  Waiting to go back in so I can do abs, calves and cardio.   I’m going to follow my ‘normal’* schedule this week, just not going to work between workouts.  We don’t go back until next Monday.  I do have work I need to get done at home before school starts again.  Better get to bed early tonight!

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