I don’t believe in resolutions because they break.  I believe in life.  So when you think about how you want to live so that you will live longer and better, you already know how to make that happen.  All that boring stuff you know you should do and don’t – DO IT.

  • Eat clean every day, every meal.
  • Eat smaller meals, but more of them.  Eat 5-6 times a day.
  • Exercise every day.  And if you only do cardio, you won’t change your body composition.  You will become ‘skinny fat’.  That’s means you will become smaller, but still have an unhealthy high body fat percentage.
  • Everyone should be doing some resistance training.  Unless you want to, you won’t get big muscles.  Trust me on that.   You can’t get huge unless you want to and then it will take a loooong time.  It’s not going to happen by accident.  What happens to most women when they lift, is they get leaner and stronger.
  • Be ready to deal with the “I don’t feel like it”, “I don’t have time to workout”, or “I don’t want to get up this early” moments.  Push through.  Do it anyway.  For my teacher friends… LEAVE at 3:15.  I’m serious.   We aren’t doing anyone any good if we are unhealthy and stressed out.  If you only leave to go walk around the track and then go back to your room, that’s a start.  Better to just LEAVE and go the gym.  Are you really volunteering your time to get to the bottom of a pile that has no bottom?  Are you volunteering your time to shorten your life expectancy, which robs your own family of even more time with you?  Do you want to retire as an old teacher or die young on the job?  I know – that’s a little harsh, but you know what I’m talking about.  I promise you – the job can be done well (or good enough) AND you can be healthy at the same time.  What’s important to the kids is that we show up everyday and are in a good mood.  They don’t care about how fancy our lessons are – they connect to US.  They remember the laughter and the fun we are having being their teacher.  The other stuff is only important to administrators – and we don’t care about them anyway because they will be gone in a year or two. (tee hee)

TEN REASONS TO LIFT – Borrowed from an article about why women should lift, but most apply to everyone.

1) You will be stronger.  Pick up kids easier,  carry more groceries, etc.  I can unload my car in one trip now when it used to take 3.

2) You will lose body fat.

3) Women will gain strength without gaining bulk.

4) Decrease your risk of osteoporosis.

5) You will improve your athletic performance.  Maybe you’re not an “athlete” – but do you play golf?  Do you like to dance?  Do you like to hike?  What quality of life thing do you enjoy that you would enjoy more if you were stronger?

6) Reduce your risk of injury, back pain, and arthritis.   Strengthening your core will do this.

7) Reduce your risk of heart disease.

8) Reduce your risk of diabetes.

9) Never too late to start.  Huge benefits to those of us who are middle-aged.

10) You will improve your attitude and fight depression.  This is the reason I’m completely hooked on lifting.  It’s the best medicine I’ve found for dealing with stress.  Also has helped me deal with the effects of menopause.

If you belong to a gym, talk to a personal trainer about starting a resistance program.  Most of us develop predictable muscle imbalances that should be addressed if you want to stick with it.  I’m not trying to sell training.  I’m just telling you that I wasn’t able to do what I thought I could do at first.  Years of working too much and sitting made some muscles stronger and others weaker.  Had I jumped into a lifting program, I could have gotten hurt.  And I didn’t have any confidence and was intimidated by the equipment.  I didn’t want to look stupid.  I don’t regret spending the money to get the help I needed to start properly.  If you are willing to work with a trainer, but don’t want to spend a lot of money,  know that most people will only need to work with a trainer for three to six weeks to be ready to workout on their own.

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