I’ve missed two workouts and I’m just fine.  The first day and a half was all about riding the couch and eating.  It was wonderful.  I was a total slug.  Too many carbs though, and I felt a little sick.  I’m craving protein and water now.  I’ve loaded up the frig and freezer with all kinds of protein – turkey, turkey burgers, hamburgers, beef roast, steaks, chicken breasts, chicken thighs, salmon, tilapia, and 4.5 dozen eggs.  I might end up in ketosis by the end of the week.

It felt a little weird to not get up and head to the gym.  I rolled over and went back to sleep.  There is plenty to do around home.  Cooking, laundry, and straightening up.  Hanging out with hubby while he works.  We are also dog sitting two dogs for my friend.  That’s a great distraction.  Four dogs – two border collies, a lab, and a chihuahua.  The three big dogs need to go to the park everyday to play.  And there will be a lot of poop to scoop in the backyard.  At some point, I need to study for my NASM exam and write my final exams.

I’ve noticed some muscle cramping.  Not sure why.  Maybe too much sleep?  I’m not used to laying down that long.  I’ve been lifting for over a year straight with no more than two days off in a row – and even that only happened a couple of times.  I suppose some unusual aches and pains are to be expected as the muscles, ligaments, and tendons heal up.

I’m going to keep up with my vitamins, BCAAs, and creatine this week.  I’ll drink some protein shakes but not as many as I usually do.  I love not having to pack meals for the day.  I love not having to organize my clothes and gym bag every night.  I will drink a ton of water to flush out toxins.  Just scheduled an hour massage for later this week so Diana can squeeze out the rest.

I don’t care about weight gain this week, so I’m not even checking it.  I plan on eating clean, but I will eat when I’m hungry.  I will sleep in every morning and I will nap in the afternoons.  I will enjoy this time at home with my husband.

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