Bodybuilding is a healthy lifestyle.  The last phase of contest prep isn’t all that healthy, but when I do it, it will be medically supervised.  And for the other 51 weeks of the year, I’m doing just fine.  And don’t worry about what happens when my body fat gets low – I’m post menopausal.    I’m not concerned about my childbearing capabilities when I’m 50 years old.  Thank you.

Just in case you’re legitamately worried about me, please know that my doctor is watching what I’m doing.  Just had a physical with a full blood panel.  All is better than fine.  I’m very healthy.  I’m supposed to drink more water.  My doctor isn’t a bodybuilding enthusiast, but she’s been my doc for years.  So she is the one I’m going to consult when it is time to show prep.

A few folks feel compelled to tell me their opinion about my ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle (mostly clean diet and two workouts a day), and they need to listen up.  I used to NOT be healthy.  I know what unhealthy is.  I chose to change so I could follow a dream before it was too late.  And I wanted to postpone making my husband a widower as long as possible.  I’m a little annoyed by people who do things that aren’t healthy critizing what I do.  You look foolish to me.  You are rationalizing so you won’t feel uncomfortable, but it will be uncomfortable for you if you don’t drop it.  You see, I’ve been there, done that.   I know all the games.

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