Worked out with three guys today – three hurt guys.  I ended up doing a few extra sets because they were a little slow and very chatty this morning.  There was a fairly long conversation about how to figure out how many miles your vehicle would go if the gas gauge was on empty and the gas indicator light was burnt out.  Stupid boys.  I suggested that when the needle is on “E”, you should buy gas.  They ganged up on me about how important it is to KNOW how far you can drive on empty.  Must be a guy thing.  Or an age thing – I’m the oldest one of the bunch.   However, they did agree with me that when they had to call their wives to pick them up, they’d probably be in trouble.


The Morning Workout = 27 sets

  • Rope Machine supersetted with band assisted pullups.  Six sets of each, I think.  I know I did 200 reps on the rope and I don’t think any of the guys hit 200 this morning.
  • Wide lat pulldown to the back of the neck supersetted with close grip lat pulldown to the front.  Three sets each.
  • Lat pulldown machine – 3 sets
  • Seated lat pull, wide grip – 3 sets
  • Dumbbell pullover – 3 sets

The Afternoon Workout = approx. 12 working sets

  • Deadlifts – after a couple of warmup sets, I tried to do 199 pounds, which is 20 pounds less than my max a few weeks ago.   I got 3 reps.  Took a rest and then only got one rep.  Back just worn out from the morning work.  I dropped the weight to 177 and did a couple sets of 5 reps and worked on form.
  • Abs – did 9 sets.  Three for the upper abs, three for the lower abs, and three for the obliques

That was all I had in me this afternoon.  Even though I sat all day at work, I didn’t recover enough to do heavy dead lifts in the afternoon.  OK – good to know.  When I work back by myself, I start with dead lifts.   This was the first time I’ve tried to do the deads in the afternoon after a morning back workout.  I wasn’t sure it would work.  I felt pretty good after I warmed up and stretched.  And to be honest, I’m pleased about being that depleted when I tried to lift the 199 because that meant I did a good job in the morning.   I love failure.  Muscle failure, that is.

I am physically and mentally beat.  I need my recovery week.  The last six months have been challenging, but I feel very good about the progress I’m making now.  I have arms tomorrow and then I’m done for 2011.  I bet my deads are going to be awesome during  first week in January after a week off.  I’m shooting for 221 pounds.  Odd number, I know, but all the plates are in kilograms and 80 kg is the next one I need to get.  80kg + 45 lb bar = 221 pounds.

Today I started to think about setting some lifting goals for my 50th birthday in February.  A future blog…

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