All my shoulder workouts these days are special.  My gimpy right shoulder isn’t so gimpy anymore.  I spent most of 2011 rubbing Tiger Balm on it, icing it, and sleeping in funny positions to alleviate the pain.   So I’m thrilled to pieces just to be able to do anything with that shoulder.

However, this morning’s shoulder workout was really wonderful.  37 sets!  I didn’t max any weights but I did respectable weights.  And it took 90 minutes.  I supersetted most exercises.  I’m learning to love this shoulder workout.  I couldn’t do most of the exercises 6 months ago.

I’m beat and I can barely keep my eyes open right now.  It’s only 8 pm.  Legs still sore from Sunday.  Chest sore from yesterday.  And now the shoulders will be hurting tomorrow.  Lance and boys are back in in the gym tomorrow morning.  I think we are doing back.  My shoulder work may interfere with my back work a little bit.  I got some of the Liquid Grip Valerie shared with me yesterday.  I think it will help when I do the evil rope machine.  Very excited.

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