Fun, fun, fun!!  Valerie came to workout with me.  It was very nice to workout with a woman instead of the guys.  A lot less swearing and no farting.  🙂

I had a good workout.  Valerie taught me how to kick up dumbbells differently to make it easier to lift them over my head.  I think one of the guys tried to explain to me how to do this same thing, but I didn’t understand.

I wanted to redo the max bench press I tried to do last week when I was sick.  Last week, I benched 105 pounds.  This morning I did 115 for 3 reps with a spot.  I am not super happy with that, but it’s OK.  I haven’t done traditional bench press very often.  I’ve been using the Smith machine because I don’t usually have a spotter.  I will do this lift more often now.  I’m sure the weights will go up.  My pecs are growing nicely, but this is a major exercise, so I need to do it more often.  If I’m alone, I’ll use a lifting cage to keep from killing myself.

But my legs – holy cow!  They are swollen and sore (good sore) today.  I’m pretty excited.

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