Oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY!!!!  My quad workout this morning was wonderful.

I’m planning to take the week between Christmas and New Year’s off from all workouts.  I’m told that I’m supposed to take a week off every so often – like every 3 months.  Six months at the most.  Did I listen?  Stubborn me?  Hell no.  I’ve been lifting a full year with no breaks.  Last summer, I lifted twice a day.   I meant to take a rest week after that phase during the first week of school.  But that’s when things started to go south with the former trainer, so I pushed through.  It helped me deal with the stress while things were in flux.  Now that I know I’m back on track and I’m growing muscle again, I can take week off  now.  I’ll be able to relax knowing that I’m making progress again.

So every workout this week is the last one for 2011.  I plan to make each one memorable.  

Today was quads.  The last two Sunday leg workouts sucked.  I was sick.  This week, I decided to split quads and hamstrings so I can go heavy for each one.  I’ll do hamstrings on Wednesday instead of taking that rest day.  Got plenty of rest coming next week.  Because I was going heavy on quads, I limited the exercises and increased the sets.  I hit personal records in three out of four exercises I did:

Squats = 205 pounds, 3 reps

Leg Press = 630 pounds, 4 reps

Leg Extension = 150 pounds, 6 reps

Walking was a little weird after this workout.  It felt great!  Work flew by because I was high from endorphins all day.  And I’m beat now.  On the couch.  I think most of my blood is in my thighs.  And they are hungry for Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches.  The girls did awesome today so they get whatever they want.  Hahahahaha!

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