Not things – exercises.

I’ve been working out with the morning guys at American Iron for a month and a week.  Every workout, every week, I learn something new.    Usually the new exercises are variations of other exercises I already know.  Here are some of my new favorites…

1) The arm blaster.  I was able to curl heavier using this brace.  That was fun.

2) Cable preacher curl with a flat bench while sitting on the floor.  No picture for this one.  Pull a flat bench up to a cable pulley set at the lowest hieght.  Attach an EZ curl handle to the low pulley.  Sit on the floor facing the cable, put elbows on the bench and curl.  It is a preacher curl, but you can sit back a little to change the angle to protect a bum shoulder.

3)  Drop sets on the Smith machine done with three or more people.  Two guys load or unload plates while I work through 5-7 sets without resting between sets.  We’ve done this for chest presses (incline, flat, decline), shoulder presses, and skull crushers.  Once the plates are removed, I get to rest.  Next set, I start light and guys load plates on.

4) Bands with bars instead of plates.  I’ve done incline and flat chest presses this way.  The big rubber bands are attached to the bottom of the bench and to the ends of the bar.

5) Super sets.  Two exercises done back to back with no rest.  Sometimes they are for the same muscle group, other times they are for opposing muscle groups, like biceps and triceps.

6) Glute ham raises on a real glute ham bench.



7) Shugs with this funky bar.  I like it because I can stand in the middle and the bar won’t bump up against my body when I shrug.

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