Remember the “Wizard of Oz”? Everyday I feel like I’m Dorothy traveling back and forth from Kansas to the Land of Oz. My job has become the black-and-white Kansas. When I’m at the gym or at home, I’m living in technicolor. I’m excited to get up every day and workout.

Ok – let’s stretch the anology a little further…the gym guys I lift with in the mornings are my own personal Scarecrow, TinMan, Cowardly Lion, and Wizard of Oz. The Wizard is the guy who leads our group. He plans the workouts and orchestrates all of our activities like a conductor. I’m learning so much! Every day I feel like Dorothy when she first landed in Oz. Wonder and amazement. I am doing things I never, ever thought I could do.


Home is also in full color. We’ve had our rough patches, probably like all married couples, but I love Paul so much. He’s an amazing man. Huge heart and very talented. And brave. He creates something from nothing everyday.

I still love teaching – but only the parts of the job when I’m working with kids. Today, one of my students told me “I think I got lazy” when I asked about why he was failing a couple classes. “I haven’t been eating right and that zapped my energy. I used to run everyday and I don’t anymore. How should I eat?” You know what? I’m getting almost as many kids coming to talk to me about diet and exercise as about their math homework. And I’m pretty darn happy about that. Because when they ask me about clean eating or exercise, that turns my colors back on. I know the math is important for their grades and their future careers, but being healthy is so much more important.

This morning, the Wizard asked me if I have been taking a week off every six months to let my body fully recover from training. I know I was supposed to take that break this summer. I postponed it. I was supposed to rest the first week of school. I postponed it. When I hit the rough patch in September and October, I didn’t dare take a break because I NEEDED to lift to survive it. Now, I’m not just back on track, I’m on a whole new road. Same destination, just a new route. A Yellow Brick Road? Hahahaha! Now that my confidence is back, I can think I can take that week off. Christmas seems like a nice time for it.
A couple of random thoughts from today…
Turns out that one of the guys that works out at AI in the morning – not one of the guys I lift with but who is there at the same time – is the son of my school secretary, Jeanne. She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders as I do this bodybuilding thing. Always lifts my spirits. Not knowing we had any connection, her son was one of those strangers who asked me if I was training for competition.

I remember being told last winter that I should be working out at AI more because they had more expertise. Had I not been so loyal (and a little intimidated), I could have been much farther ahead right now and not so broke. Maybe. I might not have been ready to lift like this either. Oh well. Hard lessons learned. As a wise man told me, you never know who your real friends are in this business until times get tough. That’s true across the board, isn’t it?

Its all good Gotta have that tornado to get to Oz.

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