Just saw a Facebook post shared from one of Bodybuilding.com’s “over 40” transformations. The woman was a 48 year old figure competitor whose been training for the last 5 years. The comments were ridiculous. All about how she didn’t “look” 48. I think she looks 48. 48 can look good. Do the 20-somethings and 30-somethings just assume they have a lock on the “good looking” label?

Seriously? What’s 48 supposed to look like? 49? 50?

When Dawn and I went to the Natural Olympia last month, I was struck by how large the masters (40-49) and grand masters (50-59) categories were for the female competitions. I think women are getting into this sport when they are older for a few reasons. First, they have time when they are older. Kids are grown and careers are established. Second, they can afford it – it’s a little expensive. I think older women are more confident and less concerned with what other people think – especially less concerned with what men think. Lifting is empowering.

I don’t feel “old” now. The ‘old me’ felt “old”. I’m learning new things every day. I’m excited to wake up every day and get it started. I’m excited about the future. I’m lifting with guys younger than me, but because they have been doing this so much longer, I feel like the kid in the group. Then, I get to spend most of my day with teenagers.

Nope. I don’t feel old. I feel strong. I feel grateful. I feel a little smarter than I used to be. Maybe a little fearless. I’m more likely to tell someone I don’t know well that I love them, because honestly, I feel that way. That’s the gratitude, I think. I’m just very grateful for everyone God has brought into my life.

So if all those people are shocked by 48, I wonder what sort of response I’m going to get at 50, 51? And I’m just getting started.

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