My day is defined by my workout.  Today was Leg Day.  It was a good one.  Squated 175 pounds 5 times.  Form did not suck, but I had a little issue with my left ankle.  Tammy L. said it probably a tight Achilles tendon.  I stretched it, and took 20 pounds off the bar for the last set of squats.  Super-setted leg press with leg extension.   Still felt the tendon with the leg press.  Leg extension felt stronger than ever.  For hamstrings, I RDL’d 185 pounds.  Nice.  Super-setted leg curl and glute-ham raise.

A good workout.  Really good.  A couple weeks ago, I did more supersets and had a bigger pump, but the weights were lighter.  Today, the 175 squat wasn’t the most I’ve done (195 for 3 back in July), but it’s the heaviest I’ve done in a while and the form was better.  The RDL was a personal record.  Nice start to the week’s lifts.  I want to lift heavier this week.

So a good workout = a good day.  But it got better…

I had three great conversations at work this weekend.  Yesterday, I had my second conversation with a former female competitor.  She filled me in on a lot of history about the natural shows.  Today, I got to visit with Valerie – thank you!!  Learned a lot and it’s just fun to talk with her.  Got a great pep talk from another member later.  I’ve wanted to connect with him because I’ve been told he’s been around the bodybuilding scene for a long time, both as a competitor and a trainer.  I told him a little about what’s been going on.  His response was very supportive.  He reminded me that you never know who your true friends really are until something happens and the insincere ones reveal themselves.   And he said something very interesting – he said that he used to watch my training sessions.  He didn’t give me details, but he said he saw things he didn’t like, but it wasn’t his place to say anything at the time.  He told me that I shouldn’t listen to anyone who hasn’t been on stage.  If they haven’t lived it, haven’t gone through the process, they don’t know what’s necessary.  Another time, I’ll ask him for more details about what he saw that he didn’t like.  I have plenty of time to make adjustments.

Everyday I’m getting stronger.  Everyday I’m gaining confidence.  And it seems that new people are coming into my life and sharing their vast amount of experience.  I’m soaking up everything like a sponge.

Someday, I hope to pay all of this generosity forward.  I love this life.

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