My chest is sore from this morning’s workout.  Excellent.  I enjoy working out with the morning crew at AI.  I learn something new everyday.  I follow them around like a puppy.   One lesson this morning – my form on the Smith Machine bench press was off – and I got a correction mid-set from Lance who was across the room.  I heard him yelling over  describing how he wanted me to fix whatever he saw wrong from way over there.  Then Ryan walked over and moved my hands on the bar.   Love it.

I was able to lift the same weight as one of the smaller guys on several exercises.  That was fun.  Learned a new lift – decline cable flys.  Very fun.  Because of my shoulder issue, I’m a little limited with the weight I can do with dumbbells.  I’m still doing the dumbbell work, but have added in more cable work.  Feels more secure with the shoulder.

Legs are NOT sore from yesterday and they should be.  I had a head cold headache yesterday and my intensity was limited.  Oh well.  I didn’t skip the workout.  I’m proud of that.  The last two leg workouts were excellent, so if yesterday’s wasn’t the best – that’s just fine.  I’ll hit it hard again next Sunday.

I also had a good teaching day.  Lesson went well – but honestly, they usually do.  While I’m a baby-bodybuilder, I’m much more confident as a teacher.  What was cool today – there were two kids who felt the need to give me a big hug just because we hadn’t seen each other since last Wednesday.  Sweet, sweet, wonderful students at our school.

Shoulders tomorrow.  Wonder what the boys have planned???


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