Awesome back workout this morning.  I had time – no work.  I had energy – plenty of sleep and lots of calories from yesterday’s Thanksgiving meal.

Started with three sets of band-assisted pullups.  Someday, I’ll be able to do them without the bands.


And then…the dead lifts.  Five sets, adding weight each time.  Last set, #5, was a personal record.  209 pounds for three reps.  Form was breaking so I couldn’t do five reps.  I’m very pleased.  Love dead lifts!

I super-setted lat pulldowns and seated pulls.  Also the straight bar rows and single arm lat pulls.  A set of behind the neck lat pulldowns and then…the rope.

You put your feet up on the incline and hang onto the rope.  The higher your feet are up on the incline, the closer your body is to perpendicular to the rope and the harder it is to do this exercise.  The machine pulls the rope down so you have to pull yourself “up” to stay on it.  One hand over the other reaching up as high as you can to work the lats.  Each time you move your hand, it’s one “rep”.  My task – do 200 reps.  I was able to do 50 on the first set.  After that, I could only do 20 or 25 reps each set.  Did finish 200 reps total.  Just started using this machine during my back workout last week.   It’s hard.  But it’s effective.

I’m very happy with today’s workout.  I’ve got all kinds of “good pain” going right now.  I’m growing!!

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