Over the last month, I’ve been experimenting with my shoulder workout by trying things that I couldn’t do before or never tried.  I added in lateral raises – real ones, not the modified “leaning” version I had to do before.  At first I did them with a machine, then with dumbbells.  The American Iron crew told me that I needed to work that shoulder – full range of motion – to break down the scar tissue to restore it.  “DO NOT favor it.  Be careful, but WORK IT”.

Today I decided to try the “Granddaddy of Painful Exercises” – the upright row.  A year ago, I could not do this exercise.  It was very, very painful.  I wanted it in my routine, but was told I’d have to do other exercises instead.  Every so often, I’d grab a light bar or dumbbell and do the movement to see how much it hurt.  It always hurt.  But today IT WORKED!!!!  No pain.  I kept the weight low and concentrated on form.  And it was part of the 2nd giant set for shoulders this morning.  It should have hurt.  It didn’t.  I added weight each time.  Not a lot, but enough.


This was  HUGE milestone for me – warrants it’s own blog post.  The shoulder has been my “Achilles heel” (hahahahaha!)  for my entire training.  It’s still weaker than the other one.  It still pings every so often.  But…


What does this mean?  It means Impossible is NOTHING.  It means I’m getting stronger.  It means the rehab exercises I found on YouTube combined with the modified shoulder workout actually worked. I’m not just recovering from the shoulder injury, I’m also recovering from the mind games.  My confidence level is growing.  I’m learning a lot everyday.  I soak up everything.  I’m reflecting and making sense of the nonsense.

I cried in gratitude during my cardio cool down this morning.  Just a little.  Pretended I was wiping sweat off my face.  I don’t really care if the boys see me cry – eventually.  And crying out of gratitude about a lift working…well that’s still a little badass, isn’t it?  🙂

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