I really, really love to lift.  When I’m lifting, I’m in my own world.  I walk into the gym and I see TOYS.  “Really?  I get to play with all of these?”  And today, I got a new toy.

This toy is called a glute-ham raise bench.  It’s for hamstrings.  And it works them something fierce!  Today was the first time I used the bench.  I asked Bob to help me get the form right so I could create muscle memory for doing it on my own.  Wow!!!  So much fun!  I did three sets with decreasing reps because it killed my hamstrings.  Nice.  I don’t have a video of what I did, but it looks like this…

Like I said, lifting fixes me.  It’s been a rough few months.  Took way too much energy to filter out truth from the noise.  I’ve decided to pull back and focus on what I love and what replenishes me – lifting.  I’m not going to think about dates or shows.  Just lift.  Not going to worry so much about body fat – that was someone else’s hang up.  I’ll do cardio and still work on burning off the fat, but I’m not going to be driven by it.  I will be driven by lifting.  If my body fat percentage drops because my muscle mass increases, well, that’s the perfect scenario.  I will play with ALL the toys.  I’m learning new exercises every week.  I’m learning how to increase intensity and I’m getting stronger.

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