I’m a teacher.  It took a few years of teaching for me to figure out that I am a better teacher when I work from a loving place.  Every school year, I fall in love with another group of kids.  When I teach from love, I’m more patient and accepting.  And more creative and flexible.

ALTRUISM – unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others

I think most teachers are altruistic.  I’m not sure I am based on this definition.  I’m selfish.  I’m addicted to the energy I get from the kids.  I laugh all day long.  My heart and soul are filled.  I want my students to be successful and it makes me happy to know I helped a little.  Most of my students graduate and I never hear from them again.  That’s OK – that’s supposed to happen.  But some of these kids become friends as they become adults.  It makes sense to me because we get to know each other pretty well during those 180 days.  I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to know them.  That’s selfish of me.  More friends for me.  

My path is changing, but I will always be a teacher.  Not sure when I’ll retire from teaching, but at some point in the near future I will be a personal trainer on the side.  I see training as teaching.  I hope to always work from a loving place.  People respond to that.  I’m very, very excited about the changes that are happening.

“Lifting Spirits” is the new name of this blog and I think it will be the name of my book.  Today, it was my meditation mantra.  A reminder that my journey is about more than me – more than bodybuilding.  It’s about inspiration.  I’ve been inspired by others and because I’m a teacher, it’s my natural inclination to pay it forward. 

So many people told the “old me” that I had to accept my situation – that women “my age” couldn’t lose weight and I knew that lifestyle was going shorten my life.  High blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and stress.  I’m not sure the people who I paid to help me believed I’d be able to do it.  They probably thought I’d give up.  Many personal trainers are cynical.  I think they are like that to protect themselves from disappointment and frustration.  Can’t imagine that works.  I couldn’t teach from that place.  I have to teach from love.

Very grateful to have people around me now who believe I can do it.  That’s what my students need – they need me to BELIEVE they can do it.  When I’m a trainer, the “believing” will be easy after 16 years of believing in kids.  I’ve seen students conquer some serious obstacles.  They inspire me.  I’ve followed their example and accomplished a lot by being too stubborn to give up.  
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