Tough day.  Margaret’s memorial was today.  To relax and let go of that sadness, I’m going to focus on the positive parts of this week.

Grateful for my husband.  He’s been cooking for me.  Takes off a ton of pressure.

I’m so grateful for the generosity of my new friends.  All week, the boys have shared their expertise by teaching me new exercises and techniques to increase lifting intensity.  I missed the camaraderie and gym banter.  Very nice to have that back.  My new female friends have offered great advice and provided support.  For the first time in months, I feel like I’m moving forward.

Grateful for my shoulder recovery.  Today I had a great shoulders workout.  Almost all new lifts.  AND NO PAIN!  I think I’ve done rehab exercises on the gimpy right shoulder for 8 months.  When I started the rehab work, I didn’t know if it would work.  Trainer designed a good shoulder program that allowed me to lift real weight safely.  I was consistent.  I never skipped it.    Between that workout and my rehab work, I’ve come a long way.

Grateful this week for my doctor.  She listens to me.  She was able to use her Chinese Therapy super-cool diagnostic device to confirm that my cortisol levels are too high.  She prescribed herbs, which I love.  I love having the option to treat what ails me with natural medicines.

Grateful this week for Diana.  Amazing massages.  This week she also worked on my feet for a little reflex therapy.  It’s all “Muscle Therapy” baby!!!

Grateful this week for Dawn.  She let me practice training her.  She’s so dedicated and committed.  She just needed a little tutoring on how to lift with correct form and reasonable weights.  I had a blast.  If I continue to follow the path as it is laid out in front of me, (and if I make time to study), I will be a certified personal trainer in February 2012.    I had been thinking about becoming a trainer – eventually.  But the decision to order the study materials on that particular day in October was somewhat impulsive.  I decided that if I couldn’t afford training and Trainer didn’t want to coach me – well, I’d just have to do it myself.  How did that saying go…?

“Never stand begging for what you have the power to earn.”  

What I didn’t realize until this week was that the due date for taking the exam is my birthday in February.  I mean, really?  How cool is that?  I felt a huge an impulse to order the materials on the day I did.  Coincidence that the order date on that day puts the deadline to test on my 50th birthday?  I don’t think so.  I’ve always followed the path laid out before me.  Faithfully.  I believe my teaching experience will be invaluable as a trainer.  I’m used to convincing people that the hard thing they are avoiding is necessary.

This week isn’t finished, but the good outweighs the negative by a long shot.  Very grateful.

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