Got up this morning at 4 am, got dressed for the gym, headed to the kitchen to pack my food and get a cup of coffee….rewind…undressed, put on my big, warm robe and sat at my computer and did some “teacher” work.   Not feeling 100%.  Not motivated.  I’m feeling off-track and kind of apathetic about it all.

Listening to the body and taking a rest day.  I’m beat up.  5 days of great lifts behind me.  One slightly pulled lat muscle from last week that is not healing.  My nutrition this week has been worse than normal (Halloween candy) so my energy levels are low.   I’m out of Chinese herbs, too.  They regulate my hormones a little.  Without them, I’m prone to depression and stress.

Fridays are a weird workout day anyway.  It’s the day when I do anything I skipped or anything I didn’t do well during the last 5 days.  Hamstrings have not happened for the last two weeks.  Well, not exactly.  They do get worked with squats and dead lifts, but I haven’t hit them specifically.  A couple reasons for that. I didn’t want to aggravate the pulled back muscle.  I also feel crunched for time on Sundays, leg day.   So, yeah, I’m tired, but I also didn’t have a clear plan for today.  Hard to be motivated without a plan.  But if I were feeling better, I would have gone anyway.  It’s very unusual for me to miss a workout.

I don’t like rest days, but I think I need to have more.  I need to redesign my program anyway.  I’m going to look at the old training book to see what I was doing last April, May when I was growing.  I know I didn’t have more than one rest day, but I also didn’t have such a busy schedule.  I was also lifting twice a day.  A big session with Trainer in the afternoons and I did smaller body parts with abs and calves in the mornings.  I wasn’t doing cardio, either, and I need to put that back in now for a few days a week.

Not sure what I’m going to do.  Maybe I should try a two days on, one day off routine.  I like the idea of that, but I don’t know if I like how my rest days will not be set on certain days.  Got sit down with some scratch paper and figure something out.

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