When I walked into the gym this morning, AC/DC was blasting and Ronnie Coleman was yelling “Yeah Buddy, Light Weight”! – on the video on the TV.  What a great atmosphere for pushing some iron around.  Seriously.  If Ronnie Coleman were in town, he would probably work out at this gym.  Sure sounded like he was there.

I did my shoulder workout.  Had a few problems with the right shoulder popping this morning.  This is not my favorite workout.  But I did a respectable job.  20 sets.  The gimpy right shoulder is doing better and I’ve been able to add in some new stuff I wasn’t able to do before.  More lateral raises – machine and dumbbell.  And front raises are back in.  Light weights and emphasis on form.

Another great conversation with TL.  She asked me if I’ve been taking progress pictures.  “Have you seen yourself?  You’ve got a lot of muscle.”  This woman is no-nonsense.  She’s not going to say something just to be nice.

During the afternoon abs workout, I modified the “wood chopper” cable exercise and it worked great.  I didn’t want to pull from high or low because that motion activated too much of my back.  Instead, I used rubber tubing wrapped around a bar at waist height.  Pulling and twisting from waist height allowed me to isolate the obliques.  I stretched the tubing to increase the resistance.

Diana delivered another amazing massage.  Working on a small pull in my left lat.  She has such a positive energy.  Very nurturing and supportive.

In the parking lot I had a conversation with a member who has a great story.  She used to be a power lifter.  Who would have thunk it?  I love the gym job.  I’ve met so many very cool people.

A great day.  Got home late, so I’m getting to bed late, but a great day.

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