4:30 am workouts at American Iron are amazing.  The walls of the long corridor between the front desk and the locker rooms are full of autographed pictures of bodybuilders and power lifters.  Some are of the owners of this place.  Many more are of the people who have trained there.  They go back years – there is a lot of history on those walls.  There is even a large poster of my idol, Cory Everson, with an autograph addressed to the owner of this gym.  When I walk down that hall, I am INSPIRED.  My confidence is still shaky, so I think it would be a powerful visualization to imagine my picture on that wall.

The amount of encouragement I’ve received from the AI Morning Crew in the last two days has been amazing.  
“Why not make the NPC show your goal?”
“Why can’t you be ready by next August?”
“Who told you to do that?  Never heard of them.  You’re here now.”
“Would it be OK if I helped you with your dead lift form?” 
When I said some have suggested I consider competing in the figure division, the reply was a reminder: “You said last December that you wanted to be a BODYBUILDER.  Do that. Forget about shoes.”  I was surprised she remembered something I said almost a year ago.  And it was exactly what I needed to hear.

The first three workouts this week – quads, chest, back – have been fierce.   Quads are still cramping from Sunday.  Today’s work had my back cramping all day.  I push myself harder in the mornings.  I push myself harder in that place.  Sweet.  I love how I feel with carbs and creatine.  I’m concentrating on form and not lifting huge amounts of weight, but the intensity is high.  I’m happily sore.

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