As of yesterday, I had 4 days to finish losing as much fat as possible before my DEXA scan on Friday morning.  I do cardio everyday, but it’s not always super intense.  I will do a couple of faster intervals to get my heart rate up, but once it’s in my fat burn zone (around 130-140 beats per min) I hit cruise control and finish out the rest of the 45 min session.

But for these four days, I decided to finish this little cutting phase with my version of HIIT training.  It’s modified. So I’m calling MIIT – Moderate Intensity Interval Training.  I’m using a treadmill with a slight incline to protect the knees a little bit.  Fast walking for about 10 min to warm up, then I increase the speed so I can jog for a minute.  Walk for a minute or two to let the heart rate come down, then jog faster for a minute.  I keep repeating this cycle, increasing the jogging speed each time.

I’m not a good runner.  A pace for me that I consider “running” is probably just a jog to a real runner.  No matter.  I’m watching the heart rate. This morning, I got up to my maximum heart rate of 170-ish for the last couple of intervals.  I actually felt a little sick for a few minutes.  It passed.

I figure I’m not pushing the intensity as much as I’m supposed to.  I’m also not following the advice of doing this every other day.  I’ve done it twice now.  Will do it again tomorrow if I’m feeling OK.  I’ll do another inventory of aches and pains on Thursday to decide if I’ll do it one more time.  Running is a little tough on the knees, so this isn’t something I’ll do regularly.  Too intense for muscle building phases, too.  But for these four days, it’s good.  Even modified, this workout is burning some calories!  That’s the point.

My day starts with this 45 min cardio – no breakfast.  Just coffee and one string cheese.  After work, I’m lifting and then doing another 45 min cardio, but low intensity.  Just getting the heart rate and up cruising.  After Thursday, I won’t do the afternoon cardios again for a month.  And maybe I should cut the morning cardios back a bit, too, for a week or two – maybe every other morning?  I need to get the lifting back on track.  And I need rest.

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