Someone asked me this the other day.  Easy one.

Nope, muscle can’t turn into fat.  Two different kinds of cells.

Body fat comes from calorie excess.  Eat more than you burn and you will get fat.

Muscular people can get fat, but it’s not because the cells are switching.  A person with a low body fat percentage and a high level of muscular development will have a faster metabolism – they need more calories.  And they are exercising regularly on top of that, so they burn even more calories.   If a muscular person quits exercising, and they eat the same way, they create a surplus of calories everyday and that surplus will make them fat.  Lack of exercise will shrink the muscle cells.

The reality is that you DO want to be strong and unless you really try, your muscles won’t be large and developed like a bodybuilder’s.  I’m serious – you want strength, but you won’t get big unless you TRY to get big.  Muscle imbalances are why you can throw out your back when you reach down to pick up a sock or sneeze.  More muscle burns more calories.

I think it would be kind of fun to use the blog to answer questions.  If I don’t know the answers, I’ll research it.  Kind of a “Dear Abby” sort of thing.

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