On Saturdays, I have the pleasure of working with Mike at the gym.  We both have work we should do – instead we have long, enjoyable, and entertaining conversations.  And we have Alaska in common.  That’s interesting.  I know nothing about snowboarding, but I’m told he’s highly gifted – other people tell me this too, not just him.  And he is becoming a great friend.

Mike has an uncanny ability to read people and instinctively understands their motivations for their actions.  He’s helped me reflect, reframe, and grow mentally stronger as I become a grown up bodybuilder.  Sometimes we talk about working out.  And his abs. Sometimes we gossip.  However, a lot of our conversations are about the mental challenges of this lifestyle.  Overcoming obstacles, dedication, goal setting, plans for the future…  stuff.  Deep thoughts.  (I can’t remember everything you told me today right off the top of my head because I’m kind of tired, but my heart heard it.)

Sometimes, he does dumb stuff.  Like when he dropped his phone in Lake Tahoe.  Or ate too many chicken wings the night before a tough workout.  And doing those dragonflags just because I dared you to.

And it turns out that we are both studying for the NASM certification test.  Today we agreed that we need to quit having deep, philosophical conversations about nothing and start doing our homework.  He’s my new study buddy!

Love you, Mike!  (In a kind of a shallow, platonic sort of way)  I told Adam once that he was the cool little brother I never had.  So are you.  Welcome to my “fake-but-adored” family!  (You’re too old to be a fake son.)  Very grateful for your wisdom, my friend.  Thank you!!

PS – Seriously considering donning the gloves again.  My calluses are getting kind of painful.

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