The job made me sick.  I made me better – now I’m on my way to accomplishing something I’ve only dreamed about doing for…oh, 20+ years.

So when the job interferes with training, I’m very, very annoyed.

I hate Parent Night at school.  We have to stay late for what?  Nothing.  I have 160 students.  About 10 parents came.  And of those 10, only 3 spoke English.  They are very nice people who come out of respect to say hello and shake my hand.  I do appreciate that.  But those same 10 parents would have probably come to meet me earlier in the day.  Why did I have to stay until 8 pm???  Do we get paid extra?  No.  Did I get any work done?  No.  10 parents and a bunch of students wandering around kept the interruptions fairly constant.  Even the custodian felt the need to come hang out because he was bored.

When I get home late, I can’t unwind.  It’s 1:00 am and I’m supposed to be at the gym at 5:00 am for cardio, work all day, and be back at the gym in the afternoon for a hamstrings and biceps workout.  I could sleep in an extra couple of hours – assuming sleep happens at all – and call it a rest day or just suck it up and push through.  If I push through, I should postpone the hamstrings a day because it’s kind of a dangerous workout to do with no sleep.  Any time I’ve pulled my SLBM, it was on a hamstring day when I was tired.

However, taking a rest day isn’t an option because my normal rest day, Saturday, just got completely booked up.  I’m proctoring the ACT test on Saturday morning and working at the gym from noon until 5pm.  Yup – I’m working 7:15 am to 5 pm on a Saturday at both my jobs – that’s my “rest” day this week.

So I’m blogging to get this vent out of my head.

Wasting my time by making me sit in my classroom until 8 pm for no pay and screwing up my “unwinding” time and sleeping time – that’s just not cool.   If I could eat a bowl of cereal, I’d get sleepy.  But I can’t have the carbs right now.  Sucks, sucks, sucks.  Especially since I’m HUNGRY.  I’ve been hungry all day.  Wound up and hungry.

I don’t think I have a choice.  It’s 1:44 am.  Morning cardio is out.  Maybe I’ll be able to salvage lifting after school.

I hate Parent Night.

PS – It’s now 7 am.  I slept in a little and will workout after school.  Probably won’t get a cardio in today.  But I found a really cool bicep workout on YouTube last night while waiting to get sleepy.  I’m excited to try it.

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