Everyone has priorities.  For many, how they socialize – eating certain things, drinking certain things, with people – is a priority.  Taking care of children is a major one.  Working and earning money to live and pay bills is a biggie.

But rationalizing that people are a “healthy fat” and like how they feel and how they look, well – I just don’t buy it.  I think it’s just a matter of what’s important and a willingness/ability to carve out time.  If someone could have the choice of having all their priorities met AND be at an appropriate body fat percentage, they would choose that.  But that choice isn’t an easy one to make or to make happen.

For women, priorities are established out of our responsibilities.  And the GUILT about taking time away from is a huge factor.  For me, it was hubby.  And teaching.  I’m not a mom.  I can only imagine how HUGE that one is.

I don’t care what people look like.  But I know what it felt like to be heavy.  I know what it felt like to carry that around everyday.  I know what it felt like to have clothes fit uncomfortably.  I know what it felt like to have just enough extra weight so that when I went to bed, the pressure on my organs caused heart palpitations.  I know what it felt like to have stress and no release.  I had other priorities and that was OK at the time.  I was “healthy fat” for a long time – and now I realize that it was just a matter of time before I wasn’t healthy anymore – I was sick.  The body was just under too much stress – the kind from life, but also the extra physical/biological stress of just moving through the world that size.

So enough with all this “fat is fine” junk.  It’s not, but everyone has priorities.  There shouldn’t be guilt about size.  People shouldn’t feel pressured to change anything if they can’t, but they should also not be sucked into the “group think” out there that “fat is fine” and it’s all a matter of self-acceptance.  It’s not.  The body is a mechanism – there are joints and tendons and ligaments and muscles and organs – and these things work best under optimum conditions.  And heavy people tend to eat processed foods.  Processed food = CHEMICALS.  How is THAT good for you?  ALL the systems of the body work better when the diet is clean, there is oxygenated blood pumping, muscles are strong, and bones are dense.

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