Day #850 begins with a new perspective.

Life is changing fast.  I will be a certified personal trainer by spring and I hope to build a business over the next few years so I can retire from teaching and have that ready to go.  I will be competing in my first bodybuilding show in August.  I have the support of old and new friends alike.  Met some amazing people in the last month that I wouldn’t have met had I not been on the path I’m on now.  And I grieve the loss of someone close to me on this journey.  I thought his chapter in my book would be longer.  Oh well.  As one of my favorite motivational quotes says…

“Leave the pieces on the floor and MOVE THE FUCK ON.”

So a new blog seemed like a good idea.  A fresh start.  Nothing wrong with the old blog, just felt like a change was necessary.

And like me, this page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  Hahahahahaha!

Speaking of…it’s time to go to the gym!

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