The day after a leg workout, I’m hungry.


Not sure why. I assume my smart friends could tell me why this happens. I know I’m not imagining it. I eat my meal plan like I do an on any other day, but the day after legs, I feel like I need to eat every HOUR, not just every two hours.

And for months, my legs have different kind of cramps, too. When I first started, there was sharp stiffness that I assume was from lactic acid. Now the cramping is not like that. It’s less sharp, but it’s constant. I call it a low soreness. Coincidentally, when this new kind of post-workout soreness started, they started growing.

For about a month now, I’ve been training quads and hamstrings together on Sundays. On Sundays, I only work 4 hours at the gym – shortest work day of the week. A few things I’ve observed… 1) standing at the desk for even 4 hours before a leg workout is a bad idea, 2)the leg workout in the afternoon is better if I don’t do a cardio in the morning, and 3) I can’t work quads and hamstrings equally heavy in one workout. Changes made. I’ve been sitting instead of standing at the desk. This weekend, I’m bringing a tall stool from my classroom to use at the desk at the gym during my weekend shifts. I’m thinking about adding a cardio to my rest day on Saturdays so I can skip it on Sunday mornings. This week, I did heavy quads on Sunday and only five sets for hamstrings. On Thursday, I flipped that and did heavy hamstrings and light quads. I did more than 5 sets of quads, though. Quads need to grow. I need to keep legs at least a day away from deadlifts and a couple days away from another leg workout. Working every body part twice a week wore me down last summer. But legs are big muscles and important – I think I’ll keep working them twice a week for a little while to see how they progress. I think it’s going to be great – as long as I feed them properly!

Saw a quote on Facebook today that said

“Train Big, Eat Big, Grow Big”

. That’s my new motto for legs.

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