I don’t get enough. And that’s very, very bad for several reasons…

1) Muscles grow during rest. They are broken down in the gym, but grow during when resting. I found this article written by a man who conducted his own sleep experiment. When he got 6 hours of sleep over a period of time, he did gain some muscle. When he got 8 hours of sleep, he gained 3 times more muscle.


Sure, it’s not a “study” and it’s not scientific. I’m sure there are tons of studies and tons of data out there to support it because it just makes sense.

2) Cortisol is NOT my friend. This hormone is produced by the body and it’s job is to help store fat and break down muscle – the exact opposite of what I need. Stress and lack of sleep will raise cortisol.


3) MENOPAUSE!! My brain just isn’t working normally anymore anyway because of the hormone changes I’ve had with menopause. And the mood swings are so much worse when I haven’t had enough sleep. If you know me, or have been reading my blog, you can tell which way that mood is swinging. Hot flashes are diminishing. I’m not even 50 yet and I’m probably towards the end of the most obvious menopause symptoms. But I suspect that focus and moods issues are going to be with me for the rest of my life. Sleep helps a lot to keep things stable.

I’ve decided that SLEEP is now a major component of my training to be planned as meticulously as my exercise and nutrition. So let’s get to it…

4:30 am = get up
5 am = leave house
5:30 = arrive at gym
6:45 = leave gym
7:00 – 3:15 = work
4:00 – 5:30 = workout
6:00 – 8:00 = dinner & home time
8:00 = bedtime routine (tea, read in bed)
8:30 = lights out

Lights out at 8:30 pm is going to be tough. That’s why this whole sleep thing has turned into a goal. Eight hours is going to be hard to get. There is NO wiggle room in my schedule for much else to happen. Wow.

If this is going to work, I’ll need Paul to help me with it. I’ll need to be told to get to bed. 🙂

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