A nice workout at American Iron this afternoon. No personal records today – but I did work at the top weights from last week. Even thought the weights weren’t higher, I handled them easier with better form.

Several times this week, I did sets when I didn’t count reps. Just went as long as I could. I liked working that way. I added in five extra sets of assisted pull ups on bicep day and 3 extra sets of Arnold presses for my shoulders today. Still having trouble getting the calves and abs done everyday. I think I have to move them back to the mornings.

I also tried a new exercise or two for each workout. I feel like I need to change things up a bit. Keep the big movement exercises for each body part, but change up the the 3rd and/or 4th exercise in each workout. I’m not bored. I want to work the muscles in different ways from different angles.

It was a LONG week. Stress took my appetite sometimes. Busy teaching days meant I wasn’t always able to keep up with the scheduled meals. Some days I had deficits that were too big. I’m tired. I took a day off on Wednesday to get a little more sleep. I still feel pooped out – but that’s not really unusual for Day #6. There are twelve workouts every week. The bod is tired!

Tomorrow, I “rest”. Work at 6 am. Food prep and laundry in the afternoon. And much of that work is already done because my wonderful husband has been helping cook food for me.

I learned a lot this week. Put a few things together in my head in different ways. With the help of my friends, I found some inner resolve and confidence in my ability to continue the journey in a different way. At the beginning of the week, I felt like I had lost a good friend. Now, I don’t think that happened. I renewed an old friendship and strengthened a new one. Very grateful for the way things turned out.

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