Biceps today. Not the most intense workout because I went to my “home” gym, 24 Hour Fitness and my friends were around. Too much visiting, but it’s OK. I was relaxed and having fun. Necessary to do that sometimes, too. Still did some good stuff with my guns.

My evil plan to build my lats has been to add extra sets of assisted pull ups on days that aren’t too close to the regular back day. Started with those today – 5 sets of 10 and the counter weight was as low as I’ve ever been able to handle for three of those sets. Getting stronger! Getting bigger! I want those lats!!!

EZ Barbell Curls went well. Curling 60 pounds for the last two sets for the last two workouts. Each week, that 60 pounds is getting easier. Waiting for the form to stay consistent for the entire set before I move up to the 70 pound bar.

Personal best today on Rope Hammer Curl = 110 pounds for 6 reps.

For my concentration curls, I asked one of the trainers to watch my form with a heavier weight. She said that I just about had it, but I needed to decrease the weight and slow down. That’s what I thought, too, but when my trainer friends are handy, I love to get their feedback.

I’m very pleased about the increase in my strength over the last few weeks. Next week is the first of a three week “cutting” micro phase. Going to cut my carbs down by about half. I’ve been eating a lot, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I also took myself off creatine today. Cycling off for a few weeks. I’m curious to see how these two changes will affect my lifting over the next three weeks. But that’s it. Once those three weeks are up, I start the second “grow, grow, grow” phase.

Tomorrow – triceps at American Iron. No chatting. Intensity will be higher.

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