I’ve been waiting for No Xlplode 1.0 to go on sale at work. Running low. Even with the employee discount, it’s too pricey. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon. So today I broke down and bought No Xlplode 2.0 at the Vitamin Shoppe. The newer formula was still $10 cheaper than the older formula at the gym WITH the employee discount. That’s just wrong. Oh well.

Holy cow! I already felt strong today and the NoX gave me some extra power. And it’s yummy.
Personal records today…
Smith machine squat = 225 lbs. Adjusted for the machine’s assistance, I think that was 190 lbs real weight. 6 reps down to parallel. I had a spotter, but she never touched the bar. I had it. I haven’t weighed myself for about a week, but my last recorded body weight was 148 pounds. If that’s still it, I squatted 128% of my body weight. Last week’s weight of 205 (170 real weight) was a personal record, too. Very pleased with what’s happening right now. I felt stalled out for weeks, so it’s nice to see improvements.
RDLs = 180 pounds for 6 reps. I figured I could bump up that weight since I’ve been dead lifting 177 for the last four weeks.
Leg extension = 150 pounds, 6 reps
It was a great workout. Even my warm up parking lot lunges felt strong, but I think that comes from all the morning cardio.
AND I was able to cinch up my weight belt another notch. Sweet. Not sure that means much, but it was cool.
Very, very good first day of “Kick My Ass” week. I’m happy. It was a good decision to sleep a little longer, eat a big breakfast, skip the morning cardio to save the legs, and I even pulled a chair behind the desk at work and sat for the last hour to rest the legs before the workout.
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