“Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them – every day begin the task anew.” ~ Saint Francis de Sales
Patience. That’s a challenge. The muscles grow so slowly, but they are growing. I hope the fat is coming off, but I can’t see it. Consistency is the key. I’ve been at this for 832 days. I know I won’t quit.
The mind game in bodybuilding is harder than the workouts. Lately, I’m dealing with weird body-image issues. I’m too small, I’m too skinny, I’m carrying too much fat…yeah, I know. Sounds stupid and that’s my point. I fret that my program isn’t going to work even though it HAS WORKED. I’m stronger and larger. I had a bum shoulder and it’s a lot better. I haven’t heard from SLBM for many weeks. I’m protecting my knees. I’m stretching. I’m being very proactive about avoiding injuries. But this is a challenging lifestyle. If you search for “bodybuilding motivation” on YouTube, you will find tons of videos because this is a hard life to live.
I saw a woman at the gym today who had the most amazing physique. She has clearly been bodybuilding for a few years. Her traps looked like they were glued onto her shoulders. She appears to be about 20-25 years younger than me. It was inspiring to see a woman in person who had that kind of development, but I also felt that same old apprehension wondering if I’ll ever be able to get to that level.
Every day I muster the courage to face the imperfections – not in my physical appearance, but in my state of mind. Start the task anew. FOCUS on what needs to happen now. Eat the right stuff on the right schedule. Lift as hard as I can.
Look at those pics above. 832 days! I have patience. But I also have a goal. A real goal. Not a “someday I will…” kind of goal. But I do have doubts. Too many conversations about how I might not be ready have sunk into my head. Again – the mind game is everything.
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