Focus continues to be my challenge. Probably too busy. Too many obligations. It feels like every minute of every day is scheduled – probably feels like that because it’s true . Something nice like a “date night” threw me off my carefully planned organization routine. That’s just sad.
I’m new at this and I’m a sponge. I listen. I read. Every day, someone tells me something that they think I should be doing, eating, or supplements to take or not take. I read things that are conflicting. There are several people talking to me about this, that, and other things. Too much information. Too many rabbits to chase.
So on my drive home, I reflected on what worked at the gym today and I asked myself, “What matters to me?” Today, my lifting started out scattered, but once I got going, I got focused on the feel of the weight in my hands. I had a really good chest workout. Much better than I expected. I’m getting stronger. The weights I’m moving are gradually increasing week to week. Excellent. I like numbers. Numbers make sense to me. I’ve had a lot of success paying attention to the right numbers at the right time. So I’m going continue to focus on numbers, but I’m picking the numbers that matter to me. Lifting matters.
When I lift, I don’t think about other numbers like body fat or weight. I think about the interdependence between the weight I’m moving, the form I’m using, and the number of times I can move it. I feel like I’m in control of that. The other numbers are elusive right now. My body isn’t responding in predictable ways to anything EXCEPT the lifting.
So that’s where I will put my focus.
My scale is now in the closet. For the next two weeks, weight doesn’t matter. Body fat doesn’t matter. They will be what they will be. I’ll continue the daily routines of cardio, eating, etc., but I won’t care about burns, about calories, about weight, and all that. I’ll continue to log and upload data, but I’m going to try to not pay attention to it. I will feed my muscles and lift. Lift appropriately hard and let the weights increase organically as my strength continues to increase as it has been doing for the last few weeks.
In about two weeks, there will be measurements. They will be what they will be.
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