Today was a crappy day. No real good reason why – just lots of little reminders of why what I’m doing is H..A…A..ARD.

But at one point during this morning’s cardio, I started jamming to a song, endorphins kicked in, and this phrase popped into my head…
Everyday I choose to approach life differently. I’m choosing to drive my own bus. I’m writing my own story. I’m….(insert cliche here).
And everyday there is someone who tells me why they can’t do….(insert healthy habit or the word “math” here).
I believe we all define ourselves passively by our fears and insecurities. We place limits on ourselves because we are afraid of something. We are afraid to fail, so we don’t start. We are afraid of looking stupid, so we don’t try. We are afraid of change, so we don’t…change.
I’m full of bravado and attitude these days. And I don’t care what anyone thinks about that. It’s what I need to be right now. It’s the turbo power that keeps my putt-putt-butt moving. I’m talking with God everyday, several times a day some days, so I’m confident that even though I may not see the next step, my foot will land on it. I’m following the path being laid out before me -with as much boldness as I can muster.
So if people feel the need to explain to me why they can’t do something, save it for someone else who will be sweet, understanding, and ENABLE you to be fearful and stuck. Talk to me, and I’ll challenge you and make you uncomfortable. Others did this for me. Called me out. Made me reflect. Listen and be EMPOWERED to be brave.
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