It’s been a few weeks of nutty, crazy, “I’m-way-too-busy” as I try to navigate having two jobs, working seven days a week, and working out twice a day. I got an idea this morning about how to tweak the workout schedule to make life a little less stressful.

Monday through Friday, I’m teaching full time. On Saturdays, I work 6 am to noon, and on Sundays, I work 10 am to 2pm at the gym. I workout six days a week, cardio in the morning and lifting in the afternoon. I’ve taken my rest days on Mondays. Saturdays have been really tough days. To get a cardio done before I go to work, I’ve been leaving the house at 4 am and heading to the north gym to workout before I go open the south gym at 6 am. That is a hard, hard thing to do on a Saturday morning after teaching all week.

So new schedule to try this week…
Saturday = Rest day, no workout. I still have to work at the gym, but I’ll get a tiny bit more sleep in the morning. After work, I’ll food shop, get home as fast as I can so I can start food prep, do laundry, and just be at home chillaxing with the hubby.
Sunday = Legs
Monday = Chest, Calves
Tuesday = Back, Abs
Wednesday = Shoulders, Calves
Thursday = Triceps, Abs
Friday = Biceps, Calves
It’s been tough to get the abs and calves worked this week. Adam said I should do them in the mornings after cardio, and that worked because I have time in the mornings. Tori said I shouldn’t do that. She said they should be done in the afternoon away from the “empty-stomach” cardio when I’ve got calories to use for muscle building. I’m also not supposed to lift for much longer than an hour before I eat to replenish. I’m not sure what’s best. Until the issue is resolved in the next week or so, I’m going continue to do that work in the afternoons, but I have to split them up. It’s too much to do in one workout.
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