This past Saturday, I met with Tori, one of the owners of Trainer Adam’s new gym. I wanted to find out if it would be possible to set up some kind of coaching arrangement with them. Adam has been helping me on his own time for the last couple months and I don’t think that’s something that will work for us for much longer. I know me. I know I’m a little “high maintenance” – and I want to be. I have a lot invested – in all ways you can imagine someone being invested in something. I’m forced to get along without personal training, not because I don’t have more to learn, but because training is too expensive for me right now. Coaching is a little different and usually less expensive. I really need coaching. I need someone to help me who has experience I don’t have. Adam is still my guy, but Tori knows a ton about nutrition and she suggested her husband Mark would be a great resource for me since bodybuilding is his passion. Tori made some suggestions to tweek my diet that I’m trying out this week. Adam will be back from vacation next week and the smart people will meet and decide how to coach me.
Tori said I needed to eat more frequently during the day. That’s not really a new idea. I’ve known about that since I read Nutrient Timing, but I haven’t been doing it very well. So this week I’m going to eat on a strict schedule of cut my deficit down to less than 500 calories. I’ve been running bigger deficits and not eating as frequently because it’s hard to eat while teaching. The plan is to try and do two things at the same time that are really hard to do at the same time – grow muscle and lose fat. Started today. Here is my feeding schedule…
6:30 – Eat breakfast at the gym about 15 min after I finished morning cardio. No protein shake at this time.
8:30 – eat a full meal (which is during class on Mon, Wed, Thu)
10:00 – drink a protein shake
11:30 – eat a full meal (it’s lunch time)
1:40 – eat another meal (during 5 min between classes)
3:15 – drink pre-workout shake when leave school to go to the gym
5:30 – drink post workout shake
6:30 – eat a meal
9:00 – drink bedtime protein shake
I had to prep all these meals with what I had on hand at home on Sunday. I don’t think it’s optimum, but I did OK. I’ve been low carb for so many weeks, that I don’t have a ton of carb type things around. I did manage to make a daily plan that gives me about 30% protein, 45% carbs, and 25% fat.
It is awkward to eat in front of my class. I think they will be getting more frequent “brain breaks” so I can snarf down food. I cut up all the chicken into small chunks so I can shovel it in as fast as possible. Food prep is a little overwhelming this year because I’m working everyday. I used to only prep for 5 days and now I need to prep for all 7 days. I ran out of some food things and I also ran out of containers. Paul offered to wash my little plastic containers for me so I would have them ready when I need to fill them up again to finish the week. How nice is that??
I felt uncomfortably stuffed today. I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I was missing food. Now it seems like there is plenty to be eaten. It’s all fuel. I thought all that food would give me tons of energy for my leg workout this afternoon. I felt pretty good, but I wasn’t stronger than last week. That’s OK. Just need to stimulate the fibers to grow. Remember – I get too caught up with numbers. Sometimes numbers aren’t important. Results are important.
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