People who know better than I about this process continue to tell me that I’m too distracted by numbers. Duh. I’m a MATH TEACHER. As a math nerd, numbers help me make sense of the world. Teachers are supposed to be obsessed with data. Imagine how obsessed with numbers a Math + Teacher must be? Now figure this… Math + Teacher + Weight Loss + BodyBugg. Oh my! I live on Data Overload Street.

But they are right to caution me about being too microscopic. The numbers are only one kind of information and they are really just rough approximations about what’s going on. Especially now when my body composition has changed so much and things don’t happen as predictably as they did when I weighed 200 pounds.
So in the middle of the body fat numbers, the lean body mass numbers, the weights lifted, the reps, the cardio times, the calories, the carbs, the proteins, the fats… I decided to take a moment and just look at the pictures and be thankful. Thankful to God for the discipline, the will power, the focus, the support, and the guidance He’s provided to me through people he’s been putting on the path with me during this journey.
And I’m loving this journey again. Had a rough summer and lost my focus. I need to keep reminding myself that the destination (the show) is simply a target I use to keep my aim true and my direction clear. I know that once I reach that mile marker, I’ll keep going.
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