A couple days ago, I had an amazing back workout. That was going to be the topic of this blog. But something horrible happened yesterday in our community. So horrible that I lost my words. It’s not just something that happened in our town, but it involved people who my husband knows and has worked with for years. I was at the gym when I saw the news about the plane crash killing or injuring dozens of spectators. Knowing my husband would have been at the races that day, I called him immediately to make sure he was OK. He was. He left and went home about an hour before the crash. I knew before I talked to him that if he was there, he would have been involved. Today he told me that a friend of his that he was going to meet yesterday had box seats near the crash. He’s fine physically and is dealing well with the emotional shock. I just checked online. The number of dead has risen to 9. It’s going to keep rising. But everyone who was at the airfield yesterday was a victim, even if they weren’t injured. They saw it. I know if Paul would have been there, he would have been traumatized. The air race people are his friends. I sent up prayers of thanks that not only was he not hurt, but that he left before it happened.

Luckily, I have the weekend off. I’ve got a lot to do, but I’m staying close to home. Paul needs me to be home – I need to be home. It’s all good. The back workout was the most amazing workout I had all week, but they were all good. I need to rest and recover. My muscles need to heal. I’ve been going, going, going for weeks. I need to have a slow day. At home with hubby.
I had a wonderful meeting today with someone who is going to help me with my program. There are some exciting changes coming up. I’ll blog about those things as they happen. Just not in the mood to talk about that stuff today.
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