After four days of carb depletion – I ate. Soba noodles first because they cook in 3 minutes. Yummy. The next day, the frozen broccoli I made at lunch with Russian dressing and chicken breast was absolutely wonderful. I don’t remember broccoli, frozen or fresh, ever tasting that good. And oatmeal! Amazing.

Tonight, I treated myself to a 1/2 cup of ice cream. It was really, really good.
While reducing carbs, I learned that I have a hard time regulating my moods without them. Now that I’ve done it, I’ll know what to expect. The whole process made me a little weak, too. Even after only four days. And the reduced energy made sleeping through the night easier. That was a good thing. I also lost weight. Four pounds in a week.
I suspect that the first few days are probably pretty rough. Had I continued, my body would have adjusted and I think things would have stablemen.
I’m glad I did it, for the same reason I’m glad I did the dehydrate last spring. I need to have an idea of what’s involved and how I’m going to feel when I do these things to prep for show.
I also learned that skipping cheat meals wasn’t a good thing to do for a long period of time. I felt deprived and that didn’t help the mood at all.
LOVE the new program designed by Trainer. I’ll write more about that later. Time to get food packed for tomorrow and get to bed. Sleep is soooo important these days.
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