I don’t understand what’s going on with my measurements. I didn’t hit my body fat goal. Basically, I don’t think my body composition has changed much since June. I’m comparing these numbers to my June data because that was when I had the DEXA scan and that’s the most body analysis I’ve got.

Since June, I’ve…
  • lost 3.2 pounds
  • lost 3 pounds of fat
  • overall percentage of fat hasn’t changed much – was 19.8% and now pinches at 20.3%
  • lost 4.92 pounds of lean body mass
  • added 2 inches to my thigh – a good thing – it’s muscle
  • added 0.5 inches to my arm – also a good thing
The math doesn’t work!
So what the heck is going on? No idea. I think there are errors associated with comparing pinches to a DEXA scan. Water has to be playing a role, but there is no way to figure out what’s going on with that.
Sure, I’m confused, but I’m not disappointed. Sure I wanted a lower body fat number, but fat is easy to lose. Gaining muscle is HARD. I suspect that I didn’t really loose too much muscle. I think the creatine is making the water the variable factor. I’ve been very worried about the quad measurement. Since that’s up, I’m happy.
Trainer is happy with the size change in the quads and arms, too. All the other measurements stayed the same or dropped. He said he wasn’t sure what happened, either, and he’s smarter about these things than me. Doesn’t really matter. He changed the program dramatically. We have a solid plan for the next 24 weeks.
I’m thrilled with the new program Trainer designed for me. It looks great on paper and I’m excited to start it. I’ll blog about it after I try it. Tomorrow, it will be quads. I’ll figure the rest of the week out after that. (Brain still isn’t working very well tonight.) This week will be modified because I took these two rest days. Totally necessary rest days. The author of “Better Than Steroids” suggested that when you hit a plateau, to take a break from supplements. I’ve already packed them up. Coming off everything except my protein shakes I use for nutrient timing. I’m even going to quit taking the Chinese herbs I take for menopause symptoms. At least for a while.
And I’m very happy to be done with carb depletion for now. I swear these last four days were two weeks long. I need my brain back. I use it more than I realized. 😉
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