Still working on keeping the mind on track. I’ve been letting how I feel determine my attitude. Should be the other way around because I’m not going to always feel 100%. I’m going to be tired. I’m going to be hungry. I’m going to be sore. And sometimes, I’m going to be hurt. Today, I was all those things and it diminished my lifting.

Not the best day at the gym. My “cardio-rest-day” left me feeling a little low in the gas tank. Between the am/pm cardios and teaching, I burned 3400 calories. One of the biggest burns I’ve ever had. And because it was the first day of school, I was very busy and I missed my mid-morning meal. So carbs yesterday ended up a little lower than planned. Oh well. It’s going to be like this sometimes.

Quads this morning. I started with parking lot lunges. It was nice outside – still dark and cool. The lunging was fine, but I got dizzy a couple of times.
The plan was to add front squats to this workout today. I did a couple of light sets without my lifting belt and “ping” went SLBM (Stupid Little Back Muscle). Grabbed the belt. Did one more set of front squats and three sets of regular squats. Switched to leg press and leg extensions to take stress off SLBM, but it was swelling and painful.
Soooo disappointed. Quads are the body part that frustrates me the most. They aren’t easy for me to work because of knee pain. They are growing too slowly.
I’m feeling frustrated in general and a little isolated. If I have questions, I do research and find too many answers, too many opinions. If I ask people questions, same thing happens. Conflicting answers. I assume this is common for everyone when they start out. So I just put my head down and push through hoping my instincts are right.
I know the biggest obstacle for me these days is my mindset. “The most important thing is the mind” said a tiny woman to me at American Iron this afternoon. As I looked at her, Owner Bob told me that back in the day, this woman was 5 pounds away from a world record in power lifting. She squatted three times her body weight of 97 pounds at the time. I’ve been telling myself that same thing for a couple of days. But the diet is starting to mess with me, so I’m not doing a good job controlling my moods. It’s been pretty obvious to me for a while why there are soooo many motivational videos on YouTube for bodybuilders. The mind and attitude are too important.
I’m making it a point to workout at AI every afternoon. I need to be there.
So why did I call for a “do over” for today? I’d really like to do another quad workout this week. I might in a couple of days. Or just cycle in an extra exercise here and there. I did get 13+ working sets done, but I couldn’t push hard because of the back pain.
The Quad Workout – it’s the beginning of week #3 for 15’s
Parking Lot Lunges: BW x 80
FST-7 Leg Ext: 45lbs x 10 reps x 7 sets (10 sec rests)
Front Squat: (bar) – 65(8) – 65(10)* – 55(15)
*SLBM pinged. Yeah, weight was too heavy. Thought I was just tired from the other stuff so I tried it twice at 65 lbs.
Squat: 65 – 75 – 85
Leg Press (light sled): 180-270-360-360
Leg Extension (crappy machine): 50 – 60- 70
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