Day 6 is usually a tough day. Day 6 has been a Sunday for a few weeks now. I like it. I can get a little more sleep, but if I’ve done my lifting intensely all week, I should be a little tired on Day 6. Especially when I’m in the 15-repetition cycle. This is the end of week #2 of the 15s. I remember this cycle being a lot harder last winter when I did it with Adam. I know I’m stronger than I was back then. Maybe that translates to better muscle stamina? Is there such a thing as “muscle stamina”?
Anyhoo – I’m not as tired as I expected. I might be doing it wrong. Don’t see how, though. I’m lifting as heavy as I can for 15 reps and timing one minute rests between sets. A couple extra minutes of rest between exercises, but not a lot. If I increase the weight and can’t do 15 reps, I’m doing “do over” sets with the next lower weight. Guess and check on that sometimes. And I’m doing a ton of sets. Except today for triceps. I ran out of time so I cut it off at 11 sets. Lowest volume of any part all week. But they aren’t a weak area and they got worked on chest day, too.

I think I will keep my “rest” days on Mondays now that school starts tomorrow. I work at the gym on the weekends anyway, so I might as well workout. And Mondays will be tough teaching days this year. No prep periods on Mondays and Thursdays. But I’m not technically “resting” tomorrow. It’s going to be a stressful day. Exciting, fun, and busy. Good stress. And I’m in my “cardio-everything” mode this week. So I think I will do a little cardio pre & post work tomorrow. I’ve skipped rest days before to keep liftting. Those were brutal weeks. But I think the cardio will be OK. Like I said, I’m not feeling beat up. A little tired, but if I don’t do anything, I won’t sleep well.
The Arms Workout. Biceps = 15 sets; Triceps = 11 sets
Biceps EZ Curls: (30) – 40-40-40-40-40-40
Cable Rope Hammer Curls: (50)-60-60-60-60-70-70
Concentration Curls: 15-17.5-17.5
Rope Pushdowns: (50) – 60-60-60-60-60
Skull Crushers: 40-40-40-40-50(10, a “do over”)-40
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