Today’s workout was for my back. Last week’s back workout in this 15-rep phase was kind of a hot mess. Dead lifts happen on back day. Proper form for dead lifts requires that the barbell be set up with plates that have a large radius so that when the bar is lowered and the plates touch the floor, you don’t bend over too far. Problem for me is that the plates of the correct radius are too heavy – 45 pounds. Two of those plates plus the bar make the total lift 135 pounds. Too heavy for me to lift 15 times, wait one minute, and then lift 15 times again and again for four or five sets. Yesterday, Trainer suggested I check to see if my other gym, American Iron, had training plates. Never heard of them before. Same size as the 45 pound plates, but they are made of rubber and come in different widths – which makes them different weights. I call them “training wheels”, which fits. They are what you can use for dead lifts until you can do real dead lifts. Sort of. They are real dead lifts. Just not so heavy.

AI has a couple sets of these rubber plates, so I worked out there this afternoon.

And it was a great workout! By the time I was done, my back was cramping – in a good way – cramping from the work.
I like this other gym and have a great workout whenever I’m there. It’s hard core and a little intimidating, so I haven’t gone as much as Trainer has bugged me to go. I will now. I’m pretty sure the weights are heavier there. (Hahahaha!) And today, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and said “Daaaaamn”. It was either the sunlight coming in making shadows or they have magic mirrors that make muscles look bigger. Not sure why I looked like that, but I looked like I belonged at a gym called American Iron.
When I left, the owner made a point to tell me that he noticed how hard I worked. He offered to answer any questions I might have. Very cool. This guy has trained Olympic power lifters and professional athletes in this gym. And he made a point to tell me that I was working hard. Sure, he might have just been doing good PR, but I was still humbled by it. He could have just said “Bye, have a nice day!”. I’m well trained, yes. But I do work hard.
The workout…all 15 reps:
Dead Lift: (65)-90-90-90-90-90
Barbell Bent Over Row: (bar)-55-65-75(12 – too heavy, do over)-65-65
Lat Pulldown (wide): 75-75-75-90-105(too heavy, bad form, do over)-90
Seated Pull (close): 75-75-75-90-90
One Arm Row: 30-35-35-40 … and the cramping started. Time to quit. 🙂
Total Sets: 25
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