This last week of 15’s was good. I had a couple days that were tough because I didn’t sleep well. And it was a little tricky figuring out the right weights to use. I made myself a little “cheat sheet” with suggested weights for each exercise, but almost all those weights were too heavy. Yesterday, I think I finally internalized what “mind in muscle” meant. It’s not about the amount I’m lifting, but is about how the muscle I’m working is feeling, reacting, responding. The back workout was too hard and the shoulder workout was too easy. I will make adjustments this week.

Big, BIG challenge coming up this week. Back to work full time tomorrow. And I still have my part time job on the weekends. So it’s going to be a seven day work week for me – no days off. I’m not sure when food prep is going to happen. I can lesson plan during my desk job, so that’s covered, but if the food prep isn’t done, that will be a problem. And laundry? When will that happen?? Fatigue is going to be a major obstacle. I don’t get enough sleep during the week and catch up on weekends. Now, no weekends. I think the morning workouts will be easy to keep up. It’s the afternoon ones that are more likely to be skipped when I start to feel overwhelmed. So much stuff comes up at work.
This will work ONLY if I’m Organized, Disciplined, and Stubborn about not being thrown off my routine. ODS. I think I’m already all that, but it was a little easier during the last school year when I had appointments to keep. I’ll just pretend I still do.
Paul said he’d help me cook. That’s really cool.
And money issues are wearing me down a little. I wanted the second job so I could pay down a credit card and save up for training again this spring. Not just training, but I also will need a posing suit, registration fees for contests, and maybe some traveling money if I decide to compete outside of Reno next summer. Instead of saving or paying anything down, I’ve needed the extra money for unexpected expenses. And now Peanut has loose teeth with abscesses and needs surgery to extract them. That’s going to cost almost $1000. More debt. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to make some extra money, but I’m not getting out in front of anything yet.
This will be a test of my will and focus, that’s for sure.
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