Kind of a weird week. Still on summer vacation, so I’m not teaching anything. Don’t have many shifts to work at the gym. Hubby out of town. Training done so no trainer around. My daily companions are Badass Machohuahua (Peanut) and Dufus (Tippy). So I’m spending too much time in my head this week.

So I’ve had the blues. Miss the hubby. Suffering through a temporary condition I’ve named TSA (Trainer Separation Anxiety). And I pulled another Stupid Little Back Muscle (SLBM). So painful, so annoying. And I’m not supposed to take anything for the pain – see #13 on previous blog post. I almost cried a couple times during today’s workouts. But that’s not allowed – see #20 on previous blog post.
I researched bodybuilding psychology online last night and found an interesting article that talked about how we set goals, but the goals move. Bodybuilding is sculpture – always a work “in progress”. It’s a project that cannot ever be completed. And competitors are competitive. They know there is only one winner in each contest. That can mess with your head. The author suggested that because it’s a 24/7 life, bodybuilders need to think about having other things going on to provide balance. They also need to set short term goals and to celebrate them.
I’m always out of balance in the summer. Teaching isn’t a job – it’s a calling. I cut my hours down a lot to do the bodybuilding, but I’m still a teacher. The act of teaching used to be my passion, but now, it’s more like I’m addicted to the synergy I experience working with students. I will be busier when school starts again, but I’ll have that part of my life back in place. Marriage is always a work in progress, too. Things have been tough financially and the stress has taken a toll. Probably a similar story all over the place. We are hanging in there.
Driving home from the gym tonight I decided that what I can control right now are goals. So I’m going to remind myself of my short term goals and hope that my focus on them will distract me from my blues.
In April, Adam set a goal for my biceps. I am supposed to grow them to 12.5 inches by August 21. On July 22, they were 11.5. Not sure I can hit that. I’m going to shoot for 12 inches. I also need to change my attitude about working biceps. That routine is not my favorite and it shows.
In April, my thigh was 18.8 inches. It is now 19.5. My quads need to be well developed. They are growing, but there could be more fat there too. My short term goal is to get to 20 inches. My least favorite leg exercise is hack squats. It isn’t anymore. It’s now going to be my favorite. I will master the hack squat.
In July, my body fat went up 2%. I wasn’t paying close attention to carbs. Working on the diet. I’m researching and changing up some things. My goals are to be at 150 pounds, 18% bodyfat at the end of August. Since cardio activities will keep my legs from growing, I can’t rely on that to lose fat. I am playing with calorie deficits, carb timing, and I added a pre-workout protein shake.
Ok. So that’s that. Now it’s time to get to work.
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