Still no coffee and Advil. I’m doing OK. Not completely caffeine free since there is some caffeine in a couple of my supplements, but I’m getting a lot less than I used to.

Trainer checked measurements on Friday. Bad news. All (or most) of the weight I’ve gained in the last month was fat. No real change in lean body mass. Honestly, I’m pissed. I’ve been working out twice a day, six days a week, for the last month. I’ve only had a couple of cheat meals in the last month. The whole plan was to eat more calories than I burn so I would build muscle. I felt like I was growing muscle. But apparently my body built fat instead. Building fat is what my body has experience doing.
And the next morning, Trainer tells me that he thinks I might not be big enough to compete next summer. OK. I started thinking the same thing a couple weeks ago. And if I’m really honest, I’m not going to quit after one competition. I was OK with all of this news – yesterday.
Today, I’m not OK with it. My knees bothered me during my quad workout this afternoon so I couldn’t do full range of motion on hack squats or single leg presses. My back is inflexible and sore from yesterday’s workout out, so squats didn’t go as well as they should have. Developed quads are very important for competition, so I’m disappointed.
So if I put all my poo in one pile, I’m fatter, I’m too small, and my joints hurt. Probably nothing out of the ordinary for aspiring body builders as they try to figure out what works for them. Still sucks. I don’t have extra calories, coffee, or Advil. So I’m tired and sore. There is a possibility that I’m not responding well to the two-a-days, but I’m not willing to give them up just yet. I’ve only got a month left and then I won’t be able to do them again until Winter break in December. Once school starts, I’ll have to give them up because I won’t have the energy or time when I’m working two jobs (full time teaching and part time gym). I’ll be working seven days a week. It’s going to be rough.
Oh well. I’ve busted through several plateaus in the last 109 weeks. I’ve never been alone on this journey. I’ve had excellent guidance and while I may not always follow a suggestion, I always do what I’m told directly by Trainer – even if I don’t like it.
Good news – the top row of my slowly emerging six pack is coming in. If I’m not losing fat, the abs must be getting big enough to poke through. That’s awesome. A small victory, because the upper abs are easier to see than the lower ones – but I’ll take it.
And I’m not giving up on the 2012 competition just yet. Trainer and I have a couple of months to figure out what my body needs to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.
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