Two things I’m not going to use anymore – coffee and Advil. Or at least cut back drastically. Why would I do such crazy things??

Ironically, ibuprofen is wonderful for muscle aches and pains, but it inhibits muscle growth. Makes sense. For muscles to grow, they need blood to bring nutrients. Inflammation is a natural healing response after lifting, so anti-inflammatory drugs work against the natural healing process.

Trainer says he’s read research, credible research (he says, although I’m still waiting for him to forward it to me), that caffeine interferes with some amino acid synthesis. So like ibuprofen, caffeine inhibits muscle growth.
Doctors have been asking me to cut caffeine for years. Fibroids and high blood pressure only motivated me to switch to half-caff. I told them it was a “quality of life” issue. Life without coffee was not worth living. But that was before. Now things are different. Tell me that my muscles aren’t growing as much as they should? Oh no, that will not do.
Today was Day #1 of no coffee. It went pretty well. I think this will be easy as long as I can sleep in and take naps. Working and thinking will be a challenge.
PS – I’m pretty sure I can see my top row of abs. Sweet. Two down, four to go!
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